in the market of Kazakhstan since 2015, over 5 years we have successfully implemented more than 266 projects.

The basic principle of the company is an individual approach to each client.
We develop projects, taking into account all the features of the object, the purpose of lighting and your wishes.

The main activities of the company:

Project development from scratch:
  • Lighting concept development
  • Lighting design
  • Lighting Engineering
  • Working Lighting Engineering
Equipment supply:
  • Outdoor and Indoor Lighting
Lighting concept engineering design
Lighting concept engineering design is the first step towards creating a functional and aesthetically attractive outdoor and indoor lighting system.
Lighting design
It is usually represented as full-color images (renderings), as well as in video format where you need to show the dynamics of color changes in different variations.
Lighting Engineering
Creating high-quality equipment of the object in accordance with the regulatory requirements of illumination. For lighting calculations, the following data is required: the parameters of the territory, premises, and the required level of lighting.
Working Lighting Engineering
This is a comparative analysis of various technical solutions, based on which specific engineering decisions are made: the choice and placement of lamps, the way to control lighting, the methods and places of laying cables are determined, the power required for the lighting system is calculated.
We successfully implement projects in various regions of Kazakhstan
266 objects
Since 2015
On-site visit is carried out by the manager depending on the complexity of the client’s tasks.
we deliver to all regions of Kazakhstan.
Highlight Technology
We provide certificates of conformity, as well as passports for lighting equipment.
Prices can be requested by WhatsApp or by e-mail info@ledin.kz
We provide a lighting calculation of illumination that will ensure the right amount of light for its intended use.
Delivery time 45-60d. from the date of signing the contract with the client.
The main differences are in light output, service life, cost, environmental friendliness. In devices with a filament, the light output is about 8 - 10 Lm / W. Accordingly, with each watt an incandescent lamp gives out 8/10 lumens. LED, in turn, can produce from 90 to 120Lm / W. For incandescent lamps, the service life is about a thousand hours, LED can function for 50 thousand hours.
According to your specifications, we will help you to find alternative lighting options.

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